For 40 years, Literacy Partners has been on a crusade to eliminate illiteracy in NYC and its damaging and pervasive impact on individuals and their communities.

Often when people think of someone being illiterate, they think that person simply cannot read. Literacy Partners goes beyond teaching just basic reading skills.

  • We prepare students for their High School Equivalency.
  • We teach English to speakers of other languages.
  • We teach financial and health literacy.
  • We take a comprehensive, individualized approach.

Each and every student at Literacy Partners receives all the support services they need to succeed, not just in our program, but in life.

We strive not just to educate, but to empower our students and enrich their lives.

Our Students

eds class rsInvolvement in our program is a choice our students make for themselves, illustrating their motivation and dedication to accomplishing their goals.

Most often, our students come to us through referrals from our numerous community-based partner organizations. When a student calls, he/she will be invited to attend an orientation, before being placed in an appropriate program based on their reading skills and geographic proximity.

Our Programs

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Literacy Partners. As important as our highly qualified teachers are, we could not educate our 1,800 students without the critical support of our dedicated volunteer tutors. All tutors are given comprehensive training before being assigned to a learning center.

Volunteer Opportunities

Our Core Values

amanda grad rsWithout the ability to effectively use the written and digital information in the world around them, individuals are unable to help themselves, their families, their friends and their colleagues. Literacy Partners believes that the ability to read is an essential element of an enriched and fulfilling life.

  • We value education because it broadens an individual’s world view and strengthens the family, workplace and community.
  • We value opportunity because it opens doors beyond the pages of a book and forms the foundation for self-empowerment.
  • We value achievement because it’s a vehicle to an enriched life–drive and determination create self-sufficient, confident individuals.
  • We value impact because effectively targeting a root cause of social issues generates a ripple effect, improving health, the economy and society at large.

More About Our Mission

Our Track Record

  • Serving New York City, Literacy Partners provides free, basic education services to a low-income, predominantly minority adult population. Class sizes are small, with an average 5:1 ratio of students to tutors.
  • During the past program year, Literacy Partners served 1,800 clients. Of these, 56% of students were African American, 32% were Latino and 49% were female.
  • 26% of our students are unemployed. Many of our students live in neighborhoods with the highest rates of poverty, unemployment and single-parent households — as well as the lowest levels of educational attainment — in the city.
  • Outcomes are tracked by testing students every 50-100 hours of instruction, using the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) for all Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Pre-HSE students, and BEST-Plus (Basic English Skills Test) for English as a Second Language (ESOL) students. Students are also tested to establish baseline abilities in reading, writing and math for class placement.