Until Every Adult Can Read A Voter Registration Form
Until Every Adult Can Read A Subway Sign
Until Every Adult Can Read To His Or Her Children
Until Every Adult Can Read and Write His or Her Own Story
Until Every Adult Can Read A Job Application
Until Every Adult Can Read A Medicine Label
Until Every Adult Can Read A Newspaper
Until Every Adult Can Read A Bank Statement

Our Mission

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Give the Gift of Literacy!

Literacy Partners empowers parents through education. Your gift will help low-income parents with limited English proficiency achieve their own goals and transfer important literacy skills to their children.

Every generation wants more for its children. Literacy Partners builds on what our deeply-motivated, incredible determined students are already doing to ensure their children have more opportunities and better choices.

Your contribution will allow us to continue providing free literacy and language classes for low-income and immigrant parents to help close the achievement gap for the next generation.

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Your Story NYC

In celebration of our 40th year of teaching adults to read and write, Literacy Partners wants to tell the broader story of how literacy impacts the lives of New Yorkers from all walks of life.

We want to tell your story in particular! Is there a book that changed your life? What stories matter to you the most? How has reading inspired you?

Please tell us about a book that has influenced you and check out other books that have inspired our staff, students, volunteers, and supporters.

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